3. First two days in Fukuoka (18/8/2019)

Flying to the other side of the planet

Yesterday on 17th of August I arrived to Japan. My first flight departed in the evening of the day before that and arrived to Tokyo on the 17th. I barely slept at all on the flight, but got to eat two Japanese styled meals on the flight, which included sushi, baked potatoes, creamed spinach, miso soup and many others. The first flight which was 9 and a half hours long didn’t actually feel that long. But my lack of sleep started to affect me when I arrived to Japan.

I decided to take a separate flight from a Japanese airline company, so it wasn’t a connecting flight. Baggage claim, visa control and customs went quickly but if you would like to do the same thing as I would you should make sure that the layover would be 2-3 hours long in case there was long lines etc. The second flight was only 2 hours long so it went by quickly. When I landed in Fukuoka I really started to understand what my Japanese tutor meant by “it’s very hot and humid”… The weather was extremely humid compared to Finland and it was 34 degrees during daytime. So I suggest bringing very light clothes in your carry-on, you’re going to regret it if you won’t!

First half a day in the city

When I arrived to the airport my “buddy” (which is like a international tutor in JAMK) was waiting for me with a sign and welcomed me to Japan. We went to the subway immediately and it took some time to arrive at our station. After bringing my stuff to my apartment and having guided through everything by the apartment building staff member, we went to get some food and other groceries with my tutor. Then she showed me around the school campus, which is a really short walk away from my apartment ( Oh and I will add photos of the apartment later when I have it under control ). I was extremely jetlagged by then so I just bought some bento (packed food) from 7 eleven, which was really good considering it was from a supermarket. By 18 o’clock Japanese time my tutor left to go to her home and I unpacked some stuff and took a bath. Most of the evening I just stood on the balcony and watched the view, which is pretty awesome.

The next day

So apparently I had pretty bad jetlag as I slept 18 hours from 22pm to 16pm xD. But I think it’s gone now tho, at least I slept well! Having only a few hours left in the day I decided to set off to the streets and buy more stuff for my apartment. Another exchange student and a friend of mine came with me to look for essentials, and most importantly, to eat proper food. It wasn’t too hot today, maybe 29 degrees celcius. We went to some stores and noticed a ramen shop (Ichiran ramen). I’m glad that I had known about it beforehand, because when you enter the place you pay to a vending machine and decide what to eat. After that you get a ticket and we went upstairs to find a big bar counter with bar stools. Then we had to place our ticket in front and circle on a paper what kinda ramen we wanted (spicyness, how soft the noodles are, how light or thick the broth is etc.). Then we had to press a button to call the waiters to get our orders and we got our food! It was a really cool system and easy to use. And the ramen was so good! Can’t wait to try more different foods! Later on in the evening I just went outside to walk in the streets and bumped into other exchange students in Donkihote (big, very confusing discount store with loud music).


Note: I’m planning on writing every Sunday so I’ll check in later! おやすみなさい!


– Emma