8. Baseball game, yukata renting and a typhoon (22/9/2019)


Today was the “Respect of the Aged Day”, which meant a day off from school. Didn’t really help my situation as I was still feeling the flu symptoms. I managed to go to the mall in Nishijin station to get some groceries, but that was about it. We found out that our apartment building’s main elevator had gone under construction until Sep 24th, which meant that we’d have to walk up and down 1-12 floors depending which floor your apartment is on. Well, mine is on 10th so this means walking 10 floors up and 10 floors down every day. Didn’t really motivate me going out that much today while I’m still sick too haha.


After sleeping in and going to my business class I felt much better. After my school day, I decided to go on a long walk around Sawara-ku, which is the ward I live in. Not that long into the walk I found myself near a shrine and a temple relatively close to where I live. It was up on a hill and it looked beautiful and eerie at the same time, as nobody was there but me. Later that evening I went to have some ice cream floats with a friend in Baskin Robbins, and talked about stuff for hours until the closing time.


After the long school day me and my friend Chihiro went to the school gym to see if it was worth going to. She had never been to a gym and said that it’s pretty uncommon for women to go and work out in weight lifting etc. But we had a lot of fun! Although the guys in the gym were a bit confused, but she started to like it a lot. So I’d call it a success! It was pretty awful walking up the stairs after the workout tho haha. We both grabbed some food after that and went off to study for our big tests the next day (different ones of course).


So today was my turn to update Konkurssi’s instagram stories for a day for the “exchange week”. For those who don’t know, Konkurssi is the student association for BBA students, which I’m part of. I took a lot of pictures and videos from my school and around the city of Fukuoka. In the evening me and my friends went to the baseball game of Fukuoka’s team “Softbank Hawks” vs Osaka’s team “Orix Buffaloes”. The game was in “The Dome” which is a big stadium very close to us. Oh, and we got the tickets for the game free from our school! Seinan Gakuin offers sometimes quite many free tickets for baseball games, which is very nice of them. But yeah, it was very cool to see how excited the Japanese get from going to events like this.

A bath house that caught my eye on a walk


So one of my teachers cancelled our Friday’s classes so my four-day-weekend started off pretty well! I was very exhausted from the Thursday, I was out all day from 9-23. And the gym on Wednesday really made my legs sore haha. After my friends got out of their classes we went to eat at Ichiran again. Then we regretted going out and having to walk the stairs so many times XD


Around 9:30am me and Chika went to a Kimono/Yukata renting place to rent yukatas for us. So kimonos are a thicker material and more restricting and way warmer, which is a no-go in this humidity and heat! The fitting was really complex, but very exciting to see and experience. The employees there also did our hair for us. We went out to Tochoji temple to look around and see the Great Buddha statue. Unfortunately we couldn’t film the statues and paintings inside, but I’ll add a picture from Google of the big statue. We got some great Indian food after that and wondered around Hakata all day. We got so many compliments from people on the streets and in stores! Foreign tourists also wanted to take a picture of us at the temple. It was such a memorable, cool experience that you can pretty much only experience in Japan. Worth every yen, and the pain of walking very slowly in the outfit and walking on wooden sandals haha. Having some energy left in the evening, I went with three of my friends to a shisha place in downtown Tenjin. We had a great time there too!

Note: Taken from Google pictures


So again, a typhoon decided to arrive near Japan and South Korea. Typhoon Tapah (which is the name of it) is not directly above Fukuoka, but it’s been raining the whole day and there are strong winds outside. Us exchange students luckily decided to gather up food in our fridges a couple days earlier, as it’s not wise to go out today. So it’s been a chill/not so chill day today, I hope it calms down tomorrow! It might be still going on though.

– Emma