10. Meeting some locals (6/10/2019)


Went out to eat dinner at the dormy’s cafeteria after a small break as I had forgotten to sign in for dinner the last week! That thing is actually pretty tedious, as you need to sign in for dinner at least three days in advance and if you forget to do so you can’t eat at the cafeteria that day. So the previous week I bought my own dinner every day. But yeah today was a normal, busy school day. I got a nice omiyage (souvenir) from a friend when she had visited an another city. I got a magnet as I had mentioned before I needed them for the pictures on my fridge haha. I’ll make sure to get her one once I go traveling outside of Fukuoka.


After going to the gym me and two other exchange student friends went to a local okonomiyaki place and had amazing food there. The restaurant was a small, family owned restaurant, and the locals there started talking with us. We managed to have pretty good conversations there with our decent Japanese, and they spoke English to us from time to time. One of the full-year students there was offered a part-time job, and the people there decided to pay for our food! It was such an crazy, cool experience. And of course, like a lot of Japanese people do, they wanted to take a picture with us foreigners, haha. First time trying okonomiyaki and getting it free – not bad at all!


Me and another student from JAMK booked flights today for our trip next weekend to Nara and Osaka! Finally some change of scenery. A lot of the other students for some reason or another don’t really want to travel, but for me it’s one of the most imporant things to do here, while I’m here for quite a while! We’re so very excited. I went to book the tickets at her apartment in the International House, and didn’t notice/remember that the typhoon was supposed to hit Fukuoka a little bit around that time. I managed to get back to my apartment before all the wind and rain started so it was all good. Not really scared of the typhoons anymore, a normal occurence here now haha.


Today I had to go to visit a doctor because of my continuous migraine, so that was a very interesting experience. I went to a nearby hospital as they had translators there and the doctor I went to see spoke English. And it was so quick to get an appointment, I was able to see them in 30 minutes! And with the national health insurance I barely had to pay anything, less than 10 euros for the whole thing. They can’t treat it the same way here in Japan, but I hope the headache will go away as soon as possible.

Leaves starting to change color


In the afternoon I went off to buy a jacket for autumn from Forever 21, as they are going bankrupt in Japan this month. Everything there is now 75% off so I’ll have to go there again! Even though it’s not even close to autumn weather here (still at 25-32 celcius) it was good to get one really cheap. After shopping I went to see the Lantern Festival with friends at the nearby river. It was a pretty big thing as we saw so many foreigners there too. We grabbed some food and went to the big arcade in the city center. After hanging out in Tenjin for quite a while we took the last train back home, I had a really great time!


I slept very late again due to lack of sleep and busyness during the week. I did go to the nearby mall and bought some groceries, but I really enjoyed relaxing and finally catching up on some shows as I don’t really have that much freetime during the weekdays. In the evening I went to the center again with a few people for a short while.


We met up again with just us dormy students in an Indian restaurant as we haven’t really seen each other in one big group for a while. The food was really good and we had a good time catching up on things and planning stuff for the rest of the year. After having dinner there I watched another Japanese movie and made an analysis on it for my class. Another week went by so fast, a little too fast actually…

As for the next blog post, that will be posted on Monday 14th as I will still be traveling in Osaka on Sunday! So see ya on Monday!

– Emma