12. Traveling around Kyushu (19/10/2019)

As last Monday was in the previous post, I’m going to start from Tuesday.


Had a pretty busy day at school and after school, went to the gym and barely had any free time after. So just did homework and went to sleep after dinner.


Pretty normal day, went to Tenjin after school to get some more Autumn clothes from Forever 21 before it shuts down completely. In the evening one of my Japanese friends wanted to take me to a Indian restaurant, had a lot of fun catching up and eating good food!


Had to stay home because of bad headaches during nighttime and morning, went to hang out with some friends in the evening when I felt better.


I went to celebrate my tutor’s birthday at a restaurant she really likes. Her birthday was a while ago, but we finally were both able to go to this one haha. I also gave her the souvenirs I got from Nara, it’s very common for Japanese people to give souvenirs when they visit places so of course I wanted to do that too. After that we wondered around the city for quite a while.


Today was the second field trip (my first one), and we went to visit Saga prefecture. We visited Karatsu castle, two different beaches and one monk temple. It was a very long day, but we really enjoyed the places we visited. It was all so pretty. So the school organized the trip so we were taken to places by two buses. Saga is not too far away from Fukuoka, but it took about an hour to get there.


We actually also went to a lantern festival in Old Town Hakata in Fukuoka after the trip at night, so I’ll talk about it here as it was Sunday. There were many different events around the city center and we saw some kind of Geisha beauty contest and lantern making competititon. The streets were lit with lanterns, at it was so pretty all around.

Later on Sunday me and a couple of exchange students just stayed at the dorm and played Monopoly on Nintendo Switch and ate some snacks. It was really nice to just chill for once as we’re so busy during the days and weekends.

– Emma