13. Japan’s themed cafés (27/10/2019)


I have noticed that a lot of students’ motivation for classes has dropped down quite a bit. Either their classes are extremely hard, or the students in them had different expectations. And of course, the grades don’t count (you still have to pass the class tho). To me the lack of motivation in some classes comes from the type of teaching in them. So many classes remind me of Senior High School (lukio in Finnish), which is very different from JAMK’s way of teaching (which is mostly very practical). The more academic style of teaching seems to be pretty unmotivating to many people.

But besides that, I had a good day haha! After school I joined a few students at the beach where they were drinking, as Tuesday was off due to the new emperor’s coronation. We weren’t really celebrating the coronation, but the fact we had a day off haha.


Today I decided to take the whole day off and relax, because I haven’t actually done that in a long time. I’ve always accepted when friends have asked me out on those days I was supposed to have some alone time. It started to really have an effect on me mentally and physically as I’m still quite an introvert in some ways. So getting some takeaway food from Mos Burger, playing video games and watching a bit of the coronation ceremony really was worth it.


I had been feeling quite unenergetic for a while now so the rest of my day after school consisted of just going to the store and reading to the test I was gonna have the next day. I might’ve in fact caught a cold as many students are sick at the moment.


Went to hang out with a friend after school and decided I was gonna go to Seoul with them in November! I had been thinking about that for quite a while now as the plane tickets there are insanely cheap. We’re going there as a small group, which is perfect 🙂


After school I went to hang out with a new Japanese friend to a cat café near Nishijin. It was very interesting in multiple ways, as she didn’t speak English almost at all! She knew I wasn’t fluent in Japanese, but really wanted to hang out. And it did work out very well, I was able to talk to her a lot. But yes, I think going to a themed café at least once in Japan is quite mandatory haha. So animal cafés are extremely popular here and almost everywhere. In the most popular ones they charge you by 10 minutes or so, but it included a free drink. The one we went to charged by hour and gave us a free drink of choice, and it was under 10 euros, which was not bad at all. We were able to play with the cats and feed them, and there were so many of them! There was also a mom and her son visiting the place and lots of people came after us. I don’t really understand why so many of these exist, but maybe some people don’t want to get their own pets and visit these places instead.


In the morning I joined a lot of people from the I-house to go to Tenjin to buy Halloween costumes for next Thursday. I only needed to buy one thing as weirdly enough I can make a outfit from my own clothes… But it was perfect as I’ve spent way too much money on outfits the previous years, and now it was less than 10 euros. After that we went to couple other stores and I went back to the apartment. In the evening I went to eat at an Italian place (which was nowhere near actual Italian food, but it was good!) with a friend who’s going to Seoul too. Having not had wine in a while, we got accidentally quite tipsy there, but we had so much fun!


The off-campus dormitories (one of which I live in) arranged a bowling event for us for free! The bowling place was in Tenjin, so it was a huge place with many floors of just bowling alleys. It was so much fun to hang around with the Japanese people from the dormitories too. In the evening I went with a couple of my friends (who were also bowling) to Sushiro (kaitensushi)… Again. It has become probably our favorite place to eat as a plate of sushi costs less than one euro. And it’s sooo goood!

I might post the next one a bit later, as I’m going traveling out of town again this upcoming weekend.

– Emma