14. Roadtrip to see Seven Hells (3/11/2019)

Monday – Tuesday

Got a common cold from other exchange students while hanging out with them the previous weekend, so I took the days off. Still made my analysis for the cinema class and hung out with some friends (who were also sick) at the dormy when feeling better.


Between classes I went to help another exchange student buy makeup for his Halloween costume, as I was doing his makeup the next day before the party. The classes went quite well that day and I went off to gym again. Maybe not the best idea after having a cold but oh well! In the evening I went to visit Canal City with a friend to do some shopping. The place was decorated with cool Halloween stuff, everything was so pretty!


We had only one class in the morning, so around 3pm after doing my own Halloween makeup I went to the I-house to do my friend’s makeup. A lot of the male exchange students were dressed up as maids, which was hilarious! We went off to Tenjin to a izakaya/bar type of place which we had paid for in advance (all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink). Had a lot of fun there, and after that went to a nearby park, which was packed with Japanese people in costumes! Spent a good amount of time there having some drinks and meeting new people. A very successful Halloween!


Somehow I was able to drag myself to school in the morning for my “no-absence” class. After that I went to have lunch with one of my Japanese friends, and went home to take a looong nap 😀 In the evening me and couple of my exchange student friends went off to Canal City to have some dinner before going to see IT Chapter 2! Japan was extremely late on releasing the movie here, as other countries released it in early September… But yeah we went to see it in IMAX, which made the experience a lot more intense! But the movie was great! Didn’t ruin the originals for me.


In the early morning my tutor’s boyfriend picked me up for the trip to Beppu, Oita. We drove to my tutor’s house first and then started driving towards our destination. It was a long ride, but the scenery was so beautiful! Many windy roads going up tall mountains and big rivers along the way. When we arrived in Beppu we went straight off to see the “Hells of Beppu”, which were different hot springs in different locations. The smell of them were very interesting, it smelled like hard-boiled eggs all the time haha! We saw a geysir too, which was very cool to see.

Later in the evening we went off to our guesthouse to drop stuff off and went to buy us some food. A couple hours later we went to an onsen, as Beppu is known for having thousands of hot springs all around. Compared to the onsen in Osaka, this was way more hotter. Well, the city is located on top of many hot springs so no wonder why. But it was so relaxing! We went to an American style ice cream place afterwards to cool off, and stayed there until nighttime. Played some chess in the guesthouse before going to sleep.


We decided to go to another onsen too in the morning after check-out. It had an awesome outside pool with a small waterfall. It felt amazing with the hot spring water and cool air outside. After floating in the water for quite a while we went to a very popular sushi restaurant, where we had reserved seats in advance. The food was delicious, but not too pricey. After the onsen and eating I became very sleepy, so I slept almost the entire car ride back to Fukuoka 😀 But it was such a fun trip! An unforgettable experience.

– Emma