15. The neverending cold and an amazing trip (17/11/2019)

So here’s going to be two weeks worth of stuff, as the first week was mainly me being sick (AGAIN), so there wasn’t much to report on 😀 I’ll briefly talk about the weeks.

Mon-Sun (4/11/-10/11/)

So pretty much the whole week again I was sick on and off. It seems like different kinds of flu just circle around us exchange students, and this week was definitely the worst. So many students were seen wearing those “surgical-looking” face masks, and I was of course one of them. It’s weird how quickly I got used to them, it’s a very normal thing here to do if you’re sick or have allergic reactions.

On Thursday we had our monthly (or every second week?) eating out day with the Dormy students. We really love the Indian place they have around the corner, so of course we went there again! I was still having flu symptoms, but I think the spicy curry might have helped a little bit after it haha!

During the weekend I met up with a Japanese friend at lunch and she had brought me some cool souvenirs from a trip to Kumamoto! I think it’s very sweet that even if you’d go on a smaller trip somewhere it’s a tradition to bring something back to your friends. On Saturday me and a couple exchange students from the Dormy went to play Monopoly (Switch version) in one of their rooms. We also ordered food from UberEats, which was the peak of lazyness, but who cares haha! Two of us were also still sick, but slowly getting better.

Mon-Sun (11/11/-17/11/)

On Monday it was a “singles day” or a Pocky day. So many people bought Pocky from the stores to eat alone or with friends. I went to Baskin Robbins in the evening with a friend again to relieve some stress we had had the whole day.

Tuesday me and a group of friends went to bowling in Tenjin! We had so much fun, even though we were pretty bad at it haha! After that I went to have lunch with them at a nearby restaurant.

On Wednesday I pretty much just relaxed after school, as we had had a lot of exams this week and I was so tired. On Thursday the School Festival started, which meant a four-day-weekend! But officially it wasn’t going to start until Friday, so I just hung around with some friends.

Friday me and a friend of mine went on a roadtrip to Aso, Kumamoto! It’s quite far away so we went there by his car. We went to see the biggest active volcano in Japan! The volcano was crazy tall, and the scenery was amazing. We had very delicious lunch at a famous restaurant, so we booked there ahead. After that we went to see Nabegataki Falls, and it was so pretty! After that we had some time so we went to an onsen near the waterfall, and drove pretty late back to Fukuoka.

On Saturday I voice called some friends back home and now on Sunday I have just read to my mid-term exams. Can’t wait for next week’s trip to Seoul!