16. A trip to Seoul (24/11/2019)


This week I had quite a lot of exams, quizzes etc. They really do remind me of exams we would have in “lukio” in Finland, which is not exactly a good thing haha. They weren’t crazy long tho and many questions were multiple choice, which I liked. And these exams were mid-term exams, so we will have an exam week at the end of the exchange. Gladly for me there’s only two courses which have finals (Japanese grammar and Japanese writing class). Some courses do have final papers that have to be submitted but that’s fine.

Besides school, when I had free time I would go and hang around with friends and go eat dinner together. A lot of the evenings I did just study tho. On Thursday I met up with a Japanese friend again to have lunch, which was really nice.


After my morning class I headed off to Fukuoka airport, as I was gonna travel to Seoul, South Korea! The traveling went very well, and the flight was very short (less than 1,5h). When arriving to Seoul and having dropped my stuff off at the hostel I was staying in, I met up with my exchange student friends who had come to Seoul the night before (they didn’t have any mandatory classes on Friday). Seoul was surprisingly “cold”, and I know 10 degrees celcius isn’t cold compared to Finland, but having got used to still having 18 degrees celcius in Fukuoka it was quite of a change. We took the subway closer to downtown and went shopping and had Korean BBQ. It was crazy good, and crazy cheap! After that we wondered around the city at night.


In the morning a couple of the girls wanted to check out BTS (K-pop idol band) house in Gangnam, so I tagged along. I’ve never listened to K-pop in my life, but I was still interested as BTS is very huge worldwide. Then we had some lunch at a local cafe, and went to see a temple and a famous library. After that we went to Myeong-dong to do some shopping. The place was crazy busy, so many tall buildings and so many people. It was very pretty tho, and I loved how multicultural the place was. We pretty much stayed in Myeong-dong until the night and had some dinner there before heading back to our hostels. My god did my feet hurt…


In the early morning we went to wonder around the local area, but sadly didn’t have a lot of time to do so. We took the train together to the airport and after going through everything, we had some Taco Bell at the airport’s food court. Didn’t realize how much I missed Mexican food haha. After getting back to Fukuoka, us dormy girls went to the usual Indian place to eat and talk for hours.

Note: If you’re planning to do exchange in Japan and want to travel outside Japan like to Seoul, make sure to do everything right at the airport so you don’t lose your residence card and get denied when entering Japan again. Residence card is extremely important to carry around at all times. We didn’t have any trouble as we had figured stuff out, but it does happen.