17. The last month and returning home (27/12/2019)

The last month of my exchange was extremely hectic and filled with different emotions. Because of that I decided to post this blog post after arriving home, as I truly wanted to concentrate on the few weeks I had left in Fukuoka. The first two weeks of December were filled with hanging out with people and buying souvenirs for my friends and family back home, as the last week was an exam week. Having gone through exchange before I had an idea what an emotional wreck I was going to be at the end.

It was very important to me to meet up with my Japanese friends as much as I could during these few weeks. I had an amazing time with all of them. What I didn’t expect was that all of them wrote letters for me to read, and when I did I was crying for hours. And the crying continued when I decided to write them back haha. I got to meet so many amazing people in Japan, and of course I will visit them again, but it’s heartbreaking to leave not knowing when I’m going to see them again. I just appreciate the amazing times I had with them.

Me and other exchange students also planned to hang out a lot. I went to the Moomin cafe again with a couple of very good friends and went to see the Christmas market in Hakata and Tenjin. We all had been so stressed about going back and about the upcoming exams, so it was nice to relax for a bit. The last day before leaving Japan we had a farewell party. It was very bittersweet. Us one semester students were at the same time excited to go back to our families, but also sad about leaving friends. Full year students were very emotional about this too, as so much was going to change for them.

In the evening of the last day us dormy girls went to the Indian place for the last time together. We planned so much for the future, where we would meet again and when. When we had to say goodbye to each other, we broke down immediately. Same thing happened at the beach where students gathered in the evening again for the last time. It was extremely heartbreaking.

Both of my flights back home went well, and the procedures before leaving Japan were no hassle at all. The most difficult thing has been adjusting to living in Finland again. The first day I was so stressed about speaking Finnish. Of course I was still jetlagged and very tired because of it. But it’s been a while and I still find it sometimes difficult to speak grammatically correct, or find the right words. The weather has been a shock too, I was shivering for the first two days. But I have loved seeing the snow again. I wonder how it will be returning back to JAMK, as the difference between that and Seinan Gakuin is huge.

But overall I adored my exchange in Fukuoka, Japan. I can’t wait to visit the city and the country again in the future, I’m so grateful for all the experiences I had there. またねー!<3