Back home in Finland!

ERASMUS is over and I have been back home for a few weeks. I had a small culture shock to come back from cheaper much more easy-going Czech rebublic to cold and expensive Finland. It was about -20 degrees here when I arrived and in Czech republic temperature was never under -5 degrees… It felt weird when I could understand what people are talking around me. But it was great to see my friends and family again. I have been living with my father now and will live here this spring. His illness prevents him from being able to live alone and my mother who used to care of him died in the new years eve. So now I will probably have to delay my thesis for this semester.

All the things before my departure went quite well. The only problem was Czech office times. It required a few visits in the offices to catch the wanted people. But I got all the paperwork in time and got a flight back to Finland in a reasonable price.

My courses were Logistic management, Transport modelling, Transport technology and control and air traffic rules and regulations.Unlike my study program, in University of  Pardubice they focus much more in transportation, and not the overall logistics like in JAMK. But the courses were intresting, especially Transport modelling (we used a new computer software for me) and Air traffic (which is not included in my degree). I made through the courses even better that I expected, I got excellent from them all. There were only 2 contact lesson hours in a week in each courses, but more homework than in JAMK.

After these months abroad I feel it was the best choise in my life to go there. I only missed was my girlfriend (and a little bit rye bread), but my girlfriend visited me in christmas. She was in Czech for almost a month, and we also were in United States for 2 weeks in the christmas break. My language skills improved a lot, especially talking and listening. That was one of the reasons why I decided to go. Hardest thing about departure was saying goodbyes to my new friends in there. I really miss the great trips and parties with them. Greatest things about the people who go for exchange period is that they want to get to know with everybody and they are very social. This is awesome for finnish guy who have got used to quiet and introvert people in home. But these friends are not to be only ERASMUS friends. I have already promised to go visit some friends in Lithuania, Poland, Czech republic again, Turkey, Portugal and maybe even Taiwan. So I have a lot of travelling ahead in next few years!

I´m ending this blog here and in the end I have to apologise that I haven´t been writing too often, but I have had so many other things in my mind. I wish a great end of winter and even better spring to everybody!

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Hello again! Dobrý den!

It´s been a while since I last wrote. Everything has been pretty busy here, so I have almost forgotten this blog. The time here has been really great, Czech Republic is just an awesome country.

First weeks were just getting to know the area here and getting used to different culture. I visited my friend in Krakow, Poland. It was really great to see him, he has been living there for 2 years. After the actual studies started, our buddies here arranged an orientation week. We had a language course, which I cancelled. Czech language is impossible for a guy from Finnish country side 😀 Then in evenings, we had different activities like pub tour, sports day, trip to an old castle a few kilometers away from the city and bowling. These were really great evenings. I got to know with many other exchange students and had a really great time with them. Later I have also visited Prague with them, and played paintball in old militady base. Tomorrow we are going to detenice, to a really great medieval pub. I have been there before and im expecting an awesome evening.

Studying is not too stressful, I have only 8 hours in a week of lessons, but more homework than in Finland. Most courses are focused on transporting, and more likely to rail transportation. Teachers english skills vary much, mostly they speak well, but sometimes its a bit hard to understand.

Price levels are probably the best thing here. Food is about two times cheaper than in Finland, and most of the foods are great. I only miss rye bread. Clothes, kitchen stuff and things like that are also a lot cheaper. And what´s the best thing, beer is about 5 times cheaper and really delicious. Czech people are also quite nice, but english skills are not too good. Most people dont speak a single word. But after all, I have had really great time here, I have made a lot of good friends and my english skills are improved a lot.

That´s all for this time, I´ll be writing more when I have more to tell!

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Departure getting closer!

Just 5 days left! I am getting really excited and also a bit nervous. 2 days work left, then last weekend with my girlfriend and last packings. Plane will take off from Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 17:55 next tuesday and will arrive to Prague at 20:55 local time. From there I take local bus and go to train station. Train to Pardubice will take a bit more than hour. Im hoping to be at dormitories a bit after midnight. There I´m going to have about 1,5 weeks time to get to know Czech culture and travel a bit before orientation week starts.

Preparations have been going well all the time. I´ve had some problems with money issues, becouse KELA had some problems with my study dates. They should be ok now, and I´m not going to take any pressures about that. I have enough money to survive 😀

I´ll be writing next time from foreign soil!

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Ok time to start writing this blog!

I am now all set to leave the upcoming cold Finnish autumn behind and fly to Czech Republic! All the paperwork should be done, information received from host university and plane tickets are in my pocket. Just 5 weeks of hard work and im ready to go!

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