Hello again! Dobrý den!

It´s been a while since I last wrote. Everything has been pretty busy here, so I have almost forgotten this blog. The time here has been really great, Czech Republic is just an awesome country.

First weeks were just getting to know the area here and getting used to different culture. I visited my friend in Krakow, Poland. It was really great to see him, he has been living there for 2 years. After the actual studies started, our buddies here arranged an orientation week. We had a language course, which I cancelled. Czech language is impossible for a guy from Finnish country side 😀 Then in evenings, we had different activities like pub tour, sports day, trip to an old castle a few kilometers away from the city and bowling. These were really great evenings. I got to know with many other exchange students and had a really great time with them. Later I have also visited Prague with them, and played paintball in old militady base. Tomorrow we are going to detenice, to a really great medieval pub. I have been there before and im expecting an awesome evening.

Studying is not too stressful, I have only 8 hours in a week of lessons, but more homework than in Finland. Most courses are focused on transporting, and more likely to rail transportation. Teachers english skills vary much, mostly they speak well, but sometimes its a bit hard to understand.

Price levels are probably the best thing here. Food is about two times cheaper than in Finland, and most of the foods are great. I only miss rye bread. Clothes, kitchen stuff and things like that are also a lot cheaper. And what´s the best thing, beer is about 5 times cheaper and really delicious. Czech people are also quite nice, but english skills are not too good. Most people dont speak a single word. But after all, I have had really great time here, I have made a lot of good friends and my english skills are improved a lot.

That´s all for this time, I´ll be writing more when I have more to tell!