How to order a blog account

The blog platform of JAMK University of Applied Sciences is open to all JAMK’s employees. By ordering a blog account you accept the Terms of Use. Send the order by email to blogit(at) Remember to inform your immediate superior that you are starting a blog.

How to name the blog

A good blog name stands out from the others and suits the subject area of the blog. The style of the blog name should match the style of the blog itself and it should not be easily mixed with existing blog names. The name can be a word, a compound, or a “story” of a few words.

Remember that the name will be in use as long as your blog is valid. The name may affect the search engine findability of your blog.

The standard blog address is or a suitable abbreviation of the blog name. The address cannot contain capital letters, scandic letters ä, ö or å, spaces or special characters. If the name consists of more than one word, the words are written as one word.

Tips on starting a blog

If you do not know very much about blogs or blogging, you can familiarise yourself with blogs and read a few before starting your own blog. There is quite a lot of good reading on blogs and blogging are e.g. Blog on: building online communities with Web Logs by Todd Stauffer, and Publish and Prosper: Blogging your Business by DL Baron and Steve Broback.

Think what you wish to communicate through your blog: what, why, to whom, when and in what style? Do you wish to participate in a web discussion on a certain area/topic? What impact do you wish to make on the readers of your blog? Who do you hope will read your blog and join the discussion? To get off to a flying start, think in advance what the topics of your first five post will be. Think what posting frequency suits you and still maintains interest in your blog.

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