First days in Nairobi

First days in Kenya

So we arrived to Kenya in the middle of the night, which made us a little nervous because all the stories we have heard. We had called for a taxi driver people from this school knew, so that he would come and pick us up. He didn’t come, but we found some other guy who took us safely to our hotel. The hotel seemed quite scary too at two a clock in the night so we didn’t sleep much.

Now we have been here in Mathare special training center for one night already and this place seems nice. I probably wouldn’t go walking outside the school walls in the middle of the night, but at day time this area (even tho the neighborhood  is the Mathare slum) seems quite safe. Also our facilities are pretty good. We have hot water in the shower, we have toilets with water, we can do cooking and we have also oven, electricity, locks on the door, nice beds ect. Everything is not always working (like at the moment we don’t have lights and our shower does not have hot water, but the fridges are ok) but it’s the same thing back home right?

Today we were first time in a same class for the whole day. We went to primary two, which had six pupils, teacher and teachers assistant. Some of the pupils were very excited and did the exercises well, but some of them didn’t do anything. It is pretty hard to work with people when you don’t know any of the language they speak. Maybe we will learn some and maybe we can teach the children some. Also this gives us a nice challenge for few of our school projects.. ;D

Today after work we went to Nairobi city center by Matatu (Matatu is like a small bus made out of a van). The city looked big and different and also quite confusing, but there were some really nice buildings and Anna and Sinikka (who came here one month ago) knew quite well where to go. This time we only took care of “running business”, went to the post office, ATM, supermarket ect.

So tomorrow we have a new day. we’ll see how it will go. Maybe we go travelling or then stay in Nairobi and explore this city. I will write here again when I have the change 🙂