Back in Finland

So this is going to be my last post.

We all got safely back to Finland and are trying to get used to “Finnish time” (with out the two hour plus) and back to work, doing thesis ect.

I have been in Finland for about three weeks now and I am quite happy to be back. It felt amazingly good to go in to a shower where the water is actually running, to go to sauna and to eat ruisleipä and salmiakki. 🙂

I miss the children from the school and I am really worried of how they are doing, hoping they will all survive if there is any bombing and the elections next year. We’ll hope it doesn’t get that bad as it was last time..

If you want to go and do your practical training in Kenya, here is a tip for you; be open minded! Do not trust anyone (especially if there is money involved) and find out a lot from the country already before you go, also when being in the country, you have to be active, or else you may not get much help.

That’s about it.. bye!