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packing and prepearing

Now I have only two nights before our plane leaves to Nairobi. I haven’t packed yet at all, feels too hard to do it alone, so I invited my friend to come over and pack with me. Everything else is pretty much done. I took the vaccinations already during the summer, got the prescription for the malaria medication ect. We also got the plane tickets quite early, train tickets and filled in all the forms for school.

We have been collecting money for the school, so we can go together with the teachers to buy stuff for the school and children, but tomorrow I still have to go and change some money, 50 US dollars and some Kenyan shillings. US dollars are for the visa we will get from the airport it is easier to pay with the dollars I heard. I will also go to buy some stickers for the children, take my car to my parents place and get copies from my passport and plane tickets. So even though we started to plan everything early I still have quite a lot to do. I am excited but also a bit nervous for leaving everything here for three months.. I know it is going to be great, but this all just feels quite absurd and unreal still!

Now I really do have to start packing  🙂

A little about me

Hey you all!!

My name is Iina and I am a 24 years old student from JAMK University of applied sciences. I study social services and I am specializing on disability carework. I am going to Kenya next Tuesday for three months to do my practical training in there. My practical training place is in Nairobi Mathare Special Training centre and I will be there working together with my friend Miisa. This blog is going to be about my stay in Kenya, about practical training and some travelling too. I will try to upload some photos in here too, so you can see what it’s like.