Welcome Exchange Student!

Welcome to Jamk University of Applied Sciences, in short Jamk!

This guide provides you with information on various practical matters at the beginning of and during your studies at Jamk. Its purpose is to give you a clear idea about the services that are available to you as well as to introduce you to your new studying environment. Overall, the main aim is to help you get the most out of your exchange period and make the start of it as smooth as possible!

At the beginning of the semester, Jamk’s International Services organises an orientation for new exchange students. During the orientation, the students are familiarised with Jamk and its services as well as some other general information. The essential topics covered in the orientation are compiled also in this guide.

In addition to this site, information can be found in the Elmo student intra, which you can access with your Jamk user-ID and password. Tutors and the staff of the International Services are also happy to help you with any questions concerning the collective matters of international affairs at Jamk.

An exchange period is a rewarding experience and provides new challenges for your studies and your life. International Services wishes you a great time at Jamk, and in Jyväskylä and assists you in making yours the best possible!

NB: This guide is aimed at incoming exchange students through exchange programmes such as Erasmus+, Nordplus, and bilateral agreements between the home and host institutions. If you have arrived to Jamk through a specific, tailor-made and fee-paying arrangement, often called Study Abroad package, please contact the study package liaison for information and support. Information on these pages might not apply in your case.