At the Beginning of the Semester

At the initial stages of your studies you might be overwhelmed by the huge amount of information you receive. In this guide you will find answers to many of the questions you might have. It is also important to remember that you do not have to try and solve all the difficulties alone. So, turn to your student tutors and International Services with your questions without hesitation.

Information Folder

Your information folder contains lots of handy information to help you including:

  • Lunch card (allows you to get lunch and dinner at student prices)
  • Info from the Jamk Library
  • Map of Jyväskylä
  • Jyväskylä city guide
  • Campus maps

Orientation week

Orientation for exchange students takes place at the beginning of each semester. The orientation schedule and programme is sent to the accepted students via email together with the acceptance and information letter. The orientation sessions are meant for all new exchange students as they cover a lot of useful information on general study-related matters as well as on other practicalities. The Student Union JAMKO also arranges some free-time activities for exchange students during the orientation week.

School Specific Orientations

At the school specific orientation, you will meet your Academic Coordinator and perhaps other staff of your school at Jamk. You will get acquainted with the contents of your studies and get to discuss your study plan. You will also receive instructions on your course enrolments in the Peppi system (see instructions beforehand at

The times and locations for the school specific orientations are included in the orientation schedule.

You can check the contact details of both the Academic Coordinators and the staff of the International Services in the Elmo student intra (login with your Jamk user-id and password):

Finnish ID Code

According to the instructions of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, having a Finnish Personal Identity Code is obligatory for all foreign students staying in Finland for longer than three months. Students from outside of the EU/EEA usually apply for the Finnish personal identity code when applying for the residence permit before arriving to Finland.

Once you have it, it is valid for the rest of your life and can be used if you, for instance, return to Finland to work or study, etc. It’s simply an identifier and a way to prove your identity here in Finland.


The codes will be collected by International Services (B106.1) for the Finnish national higher education register called VIRTA.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency ( will visit Jamk after the orientation week, where you will have a chance to apply for your Finnish identity code, if needed. If you miss the opportunity to complete the application while they are at Jamk, you can make an appointment online at:

Once you have your Finnish ID code, please come personally to the International Services office to show it with the official decision you received from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Or, if you have the code at the back of your residence permit card, come show the code from your card.

EU / EEA Passport holders, Registering Right of Residence

EU passport holders need to register their right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Service after their arrival, if their stay in Finland lasts longer than 3 months consecutively. Read more at

NOTE: If you travel outside of Finland and return (e.g. Estonia, Sweden, Russia, etc.) the calculation of the 3-month residence restarts.