Ethical principles

JAMK has students from all over the world and each culture has its own idea about what is ethically acceptable. Here in Finland, we have a very rules based society. Rules are expected to be followed while you are here. Here are some things to keep in mind while in Finland.

  • In Finland, it is not acceptable to copy someone else’s work. This includes:
    • Copying someone else’s test answers
    • Copying text from someone else’s homework as your own
    • Looking up answers from a cheat sheet or using your phone during exams for example.
  • Plagiarizing is not allowed here in Finland. This means, when writing papers, if you use an author’s text you must give credit to the author.

If you have any questions about what is expected in Finland when it comes to the above items, we encourage you to ask your teachers or check the Academic Integrity booklet in your info folder.

JAMK’s ethical principles can be found at:

A guide on academic integrity, written by JAMK’s own students for students, can be found in JAMKO’s New Student’s Guide at:

Here are some fun videos from the student point of view: