Student Discount Forms and Cards

Discounts on train and bus tickets

Students can get a student discount on long distance train and bus ticket prices as well as for local bus transportation.

JAMKO student card (One card to rule them all)

The student union (JAMKO) also provides student cards. With JAMKO’s student card you can gain the above-mentioned discounts on train and bus tickets as well as for student lunch. You can order your card from: It is recommended that you pay for the card and the membership at JAMKO’s office or member service point (in autumn) during pick-up. You can also pay beforehand using online banking, but it is crucial that you present a receipt (printed or an electronic receipt) of the bank transfer when you come to pick up the card.

For more information about the JAMKO student card, contact the JAMKO office:

Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, room FP23. E-mail: jasenpalvelu(a)

Discount in lunch cafeteria/restaurant

The “KELA Meal Subsidy Card” entitles you to get lunch at a discount price at any student cafeteria/restaurant including those at the university. Cafeterias/restaurants offering student-priced lunch are, for example, restaurant Radis on main campus (Rajakatu), Bittipannu on Dynamo campus (Piippukatu, Lutakko) and Fuuga on music campus (Pitkäkatu). The lunch costs approximately 2,60€ with the student card. The card has been filled in for you, just remember to sign it. You can find a list of all student restaurants in Jyväskylä at: