Student Discounts and Student Cards

Discounts on train and bus tickets

Students can get a student discount on long distance train and bus ticket prices as well as for local bus transportation.

JAMKO student card (One card to rule them all)

The student union JAMKO provides student cards that give you access to all student discounts available. With JAMKO’s student card you can gain the above-mentioned discounts on train and bus tickets, cafés, services (e.g. hairdressers, theaters, sports services, events etc.) as well as for student lunch. You can even use it as your library card at Jamk.

You can check the details and order your card at:

You can also read more about the membership benefits at:

In addition to details about the student card, you’ll find an FAQ page about the student card issues as well as JAMKO’s contact information through the links.

Discount in lunch cafeteria/restaurant

The “KELA Meal Subsidy Card” entitles you to get lunch at a discount price at any student cafeteria/restaurant including those on the JYU (University of Jyväskylä) campuses. The card has been filled in for you, just remember to sign it.

Cafeterias/restaurants offering student-priced lunch at Jamk are, for example, restaurant Twist on Main campus (Rajakatu), and restaurant Cube on Dynamo campus (Piippukatu, Lutakko). The lunch costs 2,70€ with the student card.

You can find a list of student restaurants in Jyväskylä e.g. through Google search.