Contact Info and Campuses

Contact Info

International services is located on 3 different campuses. Incoming exchange students who come to study at JAMK from foreign partner institutions are guided and advised by (excluding Erasmus+ Global Programme):

tel. +358 50 438 9983

  • Mon, Tue, Thu at 10-14, Fri at 10-14: Main Campus Rajakatu, room B106.1
  • Wed at 10-15: Dynamo, Lutakko Campus, service desk in the library


All JAMK services are spread to 4 campuses. Finding the right place at the campuses may seem a bit hard at the beginning of the studies. For example, in a study schedule you may find the following marking (R35F204) for a lesson.

  • R35 = Address of Campus, (Main Campus)
  • F = Wing of School (F-wing)
  • 2= Floor (2nd floor). Note! P = ground floor, K = basement
  • 04 = number of class room

Now try to find your way to International Services Office (R35B106)! J

Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, 40200 JYVÄSKYLÄ

You can find the most services provided at JAMK on the Main Campus. The most important services for exchange students on the Main Campus are: International Services Office (B106), Student Union JAMKO’s office (FP23), main library (F-wing), student restaurant Radis (D1), JAMKO café for students (F-wing 1st floor), lecturer halls of School of Technology (engineering) (F and G-wings), School of Business (IB and IBM) (B-wing), Tourism and Hospitality (C-wing) and Languages and Communication (G3).

Main Campus opening hours can be found from:

Dynamo, Lutakko Campus, Piippukatu 2-3, 40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ

In the Dynamo building on Lutakko campus you can find Student Services (D124), library (first floor), student restaurant Bittipannu (first floor), lecture halls of Teacher Education College, School of Health and Social Studies, School of Technology (IT). Dynamo Opening Hours can be found from:

Music Campus, Pihakoulu, Pitkäkatu 18-22, 40700 JYVÄSKYLÄ

On the Music Campus you can find student restaurant Fuuga, library (PK108), lecture halls. Music Campus opening hours can be found from:

Institute of Bioeconomy, Tuumalantie 17, 43130 SAARIJÄRVI

At the Institute of Bioeconomy you can find student services, library and lecture halls.

Doors open: Mon-Fri 7:30-16, Sat-Sun closed