Health Care Services

Your health is important whether it’s physical or mental! Sometimes you’ll get sick with the flu or you might slip and fall. You can get help for most things from the Health care center for students. Sometimes you might also need a dentist. Other’s might be depressed or need someone to confide in.

The are many options for you to take care of your health.

  1. Student health care (call here first for illness, doctors certificates, vaccinations, birth control, etc). Non-emergency care.
  2. City health care: This is where many Finns go when ill. If student health care is closed or you need care more urgently between 8am and 4pm, you may visit the municipal health care centre
  3. Private Health Care: Easy to get appointments quickly. Most located downtown.
  4. Emergency Health care at the Hospital

1. Student Health Care Centre

This is the cheapest option and is perfect if you’re not in a huge hurry for care. Queue times can be up to a week or two. You’ll usually see a nurse first but if you need a prescription medicine, you’ll need to see a doctor. Consultation without prior appointment Mon-Fri 8-10.30, Sepänkatu 3B, 1st floor.

City of Jyväskylä Social and Health Services are in charge of student health services at JAMK. Student health services are available to all students from Monday to Friday, irrespective of where they come from. Student health services include health care (health examinations, vaccinations, birth control, etc.), medical care, mental health care, and monitoring the health conditions of the study environment. The work is carried out by a public health nurse and a doctor. Please note that the fees are different for non-EU citizens.

Please contact the public health nurse to make an appointment with the doctor. For information on the services of psychologist, physiotherapist, nutrition and speech therapist, please contact the public health nurse.

See further information on the health services, required insurances or the European Health Insurance Card and the prices of appointments on JAMK’s website at

2. City Health Care

If student health care is closed or you need care more urgently between 8am and 4pm, you may visit your city health care centre. If you live in Myllyjärvi, your municipal health care centre is called Kyllön Terveysasema. If you live elsewhere, please see the full list of local health centres at in case of acute illness or accident.

  • Doctor’s appointment Mon-Thu between 8-16 and Fri 9-16 at your municipal health centre (if Myllyjärvi your health care centre is Kyllön Terveysasema)
  • First aid Mon-Fri during daytime at the local health centre of your living area and after that at Central Hospital
  • First aid during the week between 16-8 and on weekends at the Central Hospital of Central Finland, Keskussairaalantie 19 , tel. +358 (0)100 84884. In an emergency, call the emergency number 112.

Please note:

  • Client fees apply
  • The fees are different for non-EU citizens
  • Penalty fee for no-show appointment also applies


Making an Appointment at Kyllön Terveysasema (Kyllö Health Centre)

Appointment booking operates during health centre opening hours, tel. +358 14 266 2011.

  • The first morning hours Mon-Thu 8-9, Fri 9-10 are reserved solely for urgent appointment booking. Call if you need a doctor or nurse on-call time in the same day, if you are experiencing for example:
    • minor injuries
    • mild sprains
    • sudden aching in the back
    • infectious diseases (e.g. ear infection, inflammation of the eye, urinary tract infection, pox disease, venereal disease)
    • flare-up of a known long-term or acute illness
    • suddenly developed mental problems
    • mild chest pains and arrhythmia without blackout
  • With the other so-called non-urgent matters (e.g. renewing prescriptions, inquiring of lab results, allergy symptoms and allergic rash, common cold etc.) you can call the health centre for an appointment during Mon-Thu 9-16 and Fri 10-16. You can also leave a call-back request for an appointment online via

To check the health centres’, doctors’ and nurses’ residential areas and contact information go to: and search for the correct health centre, doctor or nurse of your residential area according to your address in Jyväskylä.

On-call times and places in different days of the week

Kyllö Health Centre has Friday morning first-aid service from 8 to 9, which is intended for emergency first-aid service to those in need of immediate attention due to accident or illness and whose treatment cannot be delayed and cannot wait for the opening of their own residential health centre. During this time, there is no telephone service

3. Private Health Care

If you’d like an appointment quickly and access to specialists right away, private health care might be your best bet. They accept insurance but please be sure to ask about the insurance and costs when you call to book the appointment. There are several options with 3 listed below and are located downtown:

4. Central Hospital (Emergency Care)

This is the place to go if you’ve broken a bone or you have a serious emergency. If you feel you can’t wait for the above mentioned health care centers to open, this is the place for you. Between the hours of 16:00 -8:00, contact Central Finland Central Hospital , tel. +358 100 84 884

Seek medical attention from the Central Finland Central Hospital immediately if you are experiencing:

  • new symptoms of paralysis
  • severe chest pains
  • difficulty in breathing
  • major injuries and broken bones
  • bruises and/or leaking wounds
  • heavy bleeding (e.g. vomiting blood, nosebleed)
  • sudden onset of severe or escalating abdominal pains
  • deteriorating level of consciousness, sudden confusion
  • sudden, severe headache
  • sudden, severe allergic reactions
  • intoxication or poisoning
  • eye injury

In case of emergency, always call 112.

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