User-ID and Password for the Network Systems

Your personal User-ID and password are in your info folder and allows you to access the network system (including your JAMK e-mail account, ASIO –student portal etc.). You can log in to the network both from the computers on JAMK’s campuses and from your personal computer at home. Notice that User-ID and Password are only for your personal use and you are not allowed to give them to any outsiders. The User-ID and Password will be terminated after you have finished your exchange period.

You can find your User-ID and Password on a separate paper enclosed in your info folder. If you haven’t received the info folder or it didn’t include your User-ID and Password, contact the International Services.

It is advisable to change your password when you first log in, for instructions go to:

Notice that when you change your password, it changes in all the data systems (ASIO, Elmo, Optima, email).

JAMK E-mail account

A personal JAMK e-mail account has been created for every exchange student. Always use the JAMK account given to you, teachers and other staff will send all the e-mails to this account, not to your personal e-mail!

To read your mail on JAMK campus computers: click the icon Microsoft Outlook

If Outlook is in Finnish and not in English close Outlook, Click Windows Startà All Apps àMicrosoft Office 2013 à Office 2013 Language Preferences à Set all to English

Reading your mail through a browser from any computer:

Rules and Regulations for Using IT services

You’ll find all the rights and regulations for using JAMK’s networks at