User-ID and Password for the Network Systems

Your personal User-ID and a link and instructions how to set the password to your account are sent to you via secure mail. They are sent to the email address that you provided in the exchange application after your basic information has been transferred into Jamk’s student management system.

With the user-ID you gain access to the network systems (including your Jamk e-mail account, Peppi student portal, student intra etc.). You can log in to the network both from the computers on Jamk’s campuses and from your personal computer at home. Notice that User-ID and Password are only for your personal use and you are not allowed to give them to any outsiders. The User-ID and Password are automatically locked after you have finished your exchange period at Jamk.

It is advisable to change your password every once in a while, for instructions go to:

Notice that when you change your password, it changes in all the data systems (Peppi, Elmo, Optima, Moodle, Jamk email).

Jamk E-mail account

A personal Jamk e-mail account is created for every exchange student. Always use the Jamk account given to you, teachers and other staff will send all the e-mails to this account, not to your personal e-mail! However, International Services will also keep on using Mobility Online for communication e.g. with matters pertaining to your exchange period documentation (e.g. Learning Agreement, LA changes, Letter of Confirmation etc.).

At Jamk, we use the MS Office365 service, which provides several services and email is just one of them. Mailbox can be accessed on Jamk’s workstations using the Outlook client or with Internet browser using the Outlook Web App at

Rules and Regulations for Using IT services

You’ll find all the rules and regulations for using Jamk’s networks at