Computers, printing

At JAMK you can find numerous computers. The computer classrooms can be used freely if there is no lesson going on. At the beginning of a lesson the teacher may ask you to leave the room.

To log in you have to use your student number (=User-ID) and password (remember to change the password when you log in the first time). When you leave the computer remember to log out to prevent any misuse of your account. When using the computers also remember to save everything to your personal folder in JAMK’s network (H-folder), not in the memory of the computer.

Most of the computers at JAMK have up-to date hardware and they are running Windows 10. The installed software may vary between computers, but all the computers have at least Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2013 and VLC player. For further information about software please contact the IT Helpdesk.

There is free access WI-FI on all JAMK campuses. There are two different networks to choose from, JAMK and JAMK-N. Both are free to use and do not require a password.

Printing is possible on every computer on the JAMK campus. Students have a total of 200 prints in black and white single sided. You can read more about how to print from:

IT Helpdesk