Study-related Environments Online


Elmo Student Intra serves all students of JAMK. Via Elmo you can read all official internal JAMK news. In Elmo you can also find JAMK’s event calendar and JAMK’s flea market board. You can search for the contact information of your teachers and other staff members at JAMK through Elmo. In Elmo you can also find incoming exchange students’ own informative portal.


ASIO is the student management system/student portal including all your personal and study related information online. Enrolling for attendance and for courses. In ASIO you can also e.g. change your contact information, print a Certificate of attendance, check your course enrolments and print yourself a temporary Transcript of Records if needed etc.

Be sure to update your contact information in your home country as well as in Jyväskylä in ASIO. To enter ASIO:

Student portal Optima

Student portal Optima is used by some of the teachers for sharing and using some of their course/learning materials. To enter Optima:

Online study guide

All the relevant information on studies at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and other general information for students are available in JAMK’s online study guide:

In the study guide you can find e.g. information about semesters and periods, enrolment periods, general exam dates, public holidays, course schedules, calendars of the teachers, groups or courses and so on.