Study-related Environments Online


Elmo Student Intra serves all students of Jamk. Via Elmo you can read all official internal Jamk news. In Elmo you can also find Jamk’s event calendar and Jamk’s flea market board. You can search for the contact information of your teachers and other staff members at Jamk through Elmo. In Elmo you can also find incoming exchange students’ own informative portal.

To access Elmo Student intra, go to: (login with your Jamk user-id and password)


Peppi is a student and study information system that is important both to students and staff. In Peppi, studies are planned, study information is administered, study offerings for the academic year are set, students are accepted for course implementations and grades are given, among other functions. As a student, you have access to Students’ Desktop Services, where you plan your studies, follow your progress, book meeting times, enroll for course implementations and for attendance or non-attendance as well as view and edit your contact information.

Be sure to update your contact information in your home country as well as in Jyväskylä in Peppi. You can find the Students’ Desktop in Sign in to the Peppi Service with your own Jamk user account.

Online learning platforms Optima and Moodle

In the online learning platform (whether it’s Optima or Moodle depending on the teacher’s choice), you can find the course materials, schedules, online assignments, discussion areas, etc. Teachers use an online learning platform for communication about courses that is forwarded to your email — so do not prevent Optima or Moodle from sending information to your email!

Optima has been Jamk’s primary online learning platform for a long time. In the autumn of 2020, however, the new online learning platform Moodle has been introduced and it’s designed to replace Optima little by little.

To enter Optima, go to:

You can find Moodle by browsing to:

Online study guide

General information on studying and student life at Ja,l are available in Jamk’s online study guide:

In the study guide you can find e.g. information about the academic calendar, enrolment periods, public holidays, pedagogical and ethical principles, sports and leisure activities and so on.

Read more about the above mentioned and other online learning environments (incl. Zoom, Tuudo) and digital learning skills at: