Your Studies at Jamk

Enrolling for Courses

When you enroll for courses in Peppi, do it according to the course choices in your Learning Agreement. Please note that you should choose courses in your study plan mainly from the study field you have been accepted to. In addition to the professional studies, you can complement your studies by choosing language and communication courses. If you find courses suitable to your study background also in other Exchange Study Programmes at Jamk, you may propose one, max. 2 per semester in your study plan. However, enrolment for them is not guaranteed.

Complete your course enrolments in Peppi during the enrolment periods:

  • 3-30 August for autumn semester course enrolments (+ additional enrolment periods as needed in each School at the beginning of September)
  • 2-30 November for spring semester course enrolments (+ additional enrolment periods as needed in each School at the beginning of January/February)

If you arrive to Jamk after the enrolment period has closed, and you aren’t able to complete your course enrolments, contact your Academic Coordinator. Agree and confirm your study plan and course choices with the Academic Coordinator. Then, together, send a message to the responsible teacher of each course asking to add you to their course implementation.

During the enrollment period, you may modify your course enrolments in Peppi (add or remove courses). However, note that you can cancel your enrollment only if the teacher responsible for the implementation has not accepted you yet or has denied your enrollment. After the teacher’s acceptance, if you, after all, want to cancel your enrollment for the implementation, you need to contact the teacher.

In case you end up in a queue for a course, contact the teacher to find out if there is still room in the course and whether you can still participate. If the teacher accepts your request, ask them to also accept your enrolment in Peppi.

You can find the Students’ Desktop in Sign in to the Peppi Service with your own Jamk user account.

General instructions for course enrolments in Peppi can be found at