Adding and Dropping Courses

The learning agreement you filled out before you arrived at JAMK is a plan but sometimes life happens and changes are needed. Sometimes a course is full or schedules overlap and you’ll find that you need to add or delete a course or two.

If you find that you have to make changes to your original study plan, please check with your home institution and see if they approve of the changes you want to make. Once both the home institution and JAMK approve your changes you can do the paperwork (Changes Learning Agreement / DURING MOBILITY Section if Erasmus+). It’s recommended that you do the paperwork only after everything is approved and settled. You may only fill out the changes once per semester! Multiple changes are a pain so it’s good to get it right the first time.

If you do end up making changes to your course enrollments please keep in mind that the paperwork has to match what’s in ASIO! If the course is listed in your Learning agreement/Changes, it should show in your ASIO too. If you’ve deleted a course in your learning agreement, it should be deleted from your ASIO. You get the picture? It’s simple addition and subtraction.

How does the changes form / DURING MOBILITY section thing work?

Filling out the changes form or DURING MOBILITY section is pretty straightforward. You only list the courses you added or deleted from your original study plan. Please don’t list all of the courses you’re taking! You only need to list the courses you added or deleted. It’s just that simple.

In the Changes LA document, note down the following:

  • DELETE the courses you had chosen in your original Learning agreement, but will not attend. This includes courses that ended up getting cancelled.
  • ADD the courses you will attend, but which were not in your original Learning agreement
  • DO NOTHING if you attend a course, which is chosen, in your original LA and there will be no changes to it (you will not drop the course), you don’t need to do anything to it on the form: only changes (added or deleted courses) are marked in the Changes LA!

Please submit any changes paperwork to International Services by

  • 15 September in the autumn semester
  • 31 January in the spring semester for the Schools of Technology / Health and Social Studies / Teacher Education College
  • 28 February in the spring semester for the School of Business

If you are a Non-Erasmus+ student, you can use either JAMK’s Changes template or your home institution’s template, if you are required to do so by your home institution. JAMK’s template can be downloaded from the Elmo student intra.