Learning Agreement (LA)

Your Learning Agreement is the study plan and agreement between you, your home institution and JAMK concerning the courses, which you plan to take during your exchange period. You filled this out and had it signed before you arrived at JAMK. Your course enrollments should match your Learning Agreement. Sometimes changes are needed. See the next chapter for more details on changes. If JAMK has received a copy of your signed learning agreement (BEFORE THE MOBILITY if Erasmus+), it will be stored in JAMK’s electronic archive Tweb. If you only have a version of your Learning Agreement that is still missing signatures (yours, your home institutions or JAMK’s), contact the International Services to sort it out.

If you have not done a Learning Agreement thus far, please remember to make one at the same time as you are enrolling for courses. Give the Learning Agreement to the Academic Coordinator for approval and signatures and s/he will deliver it to the International Services for sending it to your home institution for approval.