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First impressions

So far so good! Despite the couple typhoons we had here.

The classes started around 20th of last month, so I have had little over two full weeks of school and getting used to the daily life and routines.

The general rules here are quite more strict than back in Finland. Just to let anyone know who’s interested coming in exchange in Japan. For example being even a little late on three classes equals one absence. But it’s not that of a large problem since it takes around 3 minutes to walk to the school from the dormitory. But something that is good to keep in mind.

Sometimes it gets a little frustrating not being able to communicate with locals in Japanese, so I highly recommend trying to study the language as much as possible before coming here, even though you could survive without knowing the language at all. Also it is mandatory to take language courses here, so even if you don’t know the language you will start learning from zero here.

The Kyoto itself is really beautiful city and you can find all kind of interesting areas and places wherever you go.

The food here is amazing and you can eat outside for really cheap compared to Finland, but if you wish to cook yourself it might get expensive especially if you would like to buy fruits and vegetables as they are really expensive here.

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Wish I knew… Before the mobility

Wish I knew…

Hello everyone, my name is Erkka and here are couple things I wish I knew before my time in exchange.

First of all, I knew I wanted to study Japanese, but I had no idea if it was possible to do so in JAMK. So it took me about a month or so to figure out that it is possible to take the Japanese courses from the University of Jyväskylä and JAMK would back up the payments of the course as long as you finish the course and get grades from them. And also it would be a good thing to have a reason to study the language like going for exchange.

But as I had figured out how it was possible to study the language, the courses had already started in the University (as the Japanese 1 course starts always on Fall). So I had to wait for my second year to start the language studies in the University / JAMK. So wish I had known how to take the language courses already on my first year so I could have studies for 2 years before going for exchange.

One other thing is, if you are interested in going for exchange in Japan, you should not be afraid for a lot of paperwork. Japan is one of the countries that require a lot of different documents and paperwork for you to fill and it might seem like insurmountable obstacle, but you should not be worried as in the end, it’s not as much work as it might look like. Just remember to start filling everything and taking care of all the necessary stuff early.

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