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Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

Monthly Archives: September 2015

Last time I wrote before we were leaving and here we are now, in Asia. First we went to Thailand for two weeks and there are no words to describe our trip there. We were two nights in Bangkok, which was reeeeally big city. My friend is studying there now so it was easy for us to be in Bangkok because she already knew the city and how to get from place A to place B and what is good price for tuktuk and taxi etc. She showed us the city and we went for example to Khao San Road, which is really popular street for backpackers, and also we went to see some market. There was so cheap!

From Bangkok we went to Hua Hin because Kerttu’s mother’s friend has an apartment there so we could stay there were cheaply. Hua Hin was OK but maybe not for us.. There was too much finnish people and also some menus in restaurants were finnish and I don’t like that..


From Hua Hin we went bu bus and ferry to Ko Tao which is a peace of heaven. I really liked that place and I’m so happy we went there. There we met amazing people we hang out with. We ate really cheap and really good food and also went to see the ladyboyshow, hahah. On our last day we rented kayaks and went to a really small island  Nang Yuan. The landscape was amazing and you always only see that kind of views in internet.


On monday 21st of September we took a ferry to Koh Pha Ngan and stayed there in Coral Bungalows. I miss that place and that island really much. We spent wonderful time there with out new friends from Israel and Wales. We had a pool in our bungalow so there we just tanned ourselves all the days. It was like +32 every day and in the evenings it was +26 also so it was really hot in there in Thailand.


We were four nights in Koh Pha Ngan and then we had to leave. We went by ferry to Surat Thani and we had booked a flight from there to Kuala Lumpur, where we spent one day. We went to see the Petronas twin towers and Chinatown. Then we left to BALI!!!! It was like 3-4 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar but it really felt like 10 hours haha I felt that I had been sitting there for a lifetime..

But finally we arrived in Bali and one guy from our accommodation came to pick us and drove us to our accommodation. It was really late so we didn’t do much, just went to sleep!

Ready to go ?

I’m not sure if I have ever been this excited earlier in my life. The day after tomorrow we will start our (hopefully) amazing trip to Asia!! We’ve been planning our practical training abroad about a year now and expended maaaany hours on searching for the place to go. Our criteria for our practical training place were:

– there has to be hot weather (luckily this was one of our criterion because the summer 2015 in Finland was … a disaster)

– the place should be outside the Europe

– quite cheap country, so we can live there with student grant

– quite cheap costs at all (flights, program costs,..)

– practical training place supports our studies (rehabilitation counseling)


We had been given from school the choices for student exchange but most of them were in Europe and some in Africa. Africa seemed to be amazing too but the costs were much more than in Asia. That’s why we decided to find by ourselves a new place to go for student exchange. When we started to google (which we did a LOT) we noticed that there are terrible number of places to go. When we found an interesting place to go, first we checked where it exactly is located and next the weather in there. I have to say that we were kinda picky. When we had spent days and weeks using google, we finally found the place that fulfilled our criteria!

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We had found Volunteer Programs Bali organization and we sent there e-mail and applications and couple days ago we had been accepted to volunteer there with children with disabilities at Program Village (this was in the beginning of December in 2014). Our international coordinator was also in touch with VP Bali so they could manage all the official stuff. I don’t know but I think that we had a lot of paper work to do, all kind of applications to fulfill.

And finally here we are.

We have booked (almost) all the flights.

Visa is OK!

Rucksack is almost packed (… and heavy).

Tomorrow we’re going to say goodbye to our friends here in Jyväskylä.

And then on Friday our flight will leave! ! Can’t believe this.