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Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

Monthly Archives: October 2015

My classes (Essi)

I haven’t written here in a long time but now it’s time to start to write this blog again. We’ve been working here in Bali now almost for four weeks and I think that finally we know that what we are doing! The beginning of our practical training has been really much about getting to know everything and everyone. It really takes time to get used to a totally different culture and people’s way to work.

First three weeks I (Essi) worked with my co-teacher John and I really need to say that it was much easier to have two teachers in the class instead of one. Kerttu has been teaching alone since the second week. We both have three different classes that we are teaching; two classes per day. The first class is always the same but the second class is the same on Mondays and Wednesdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have the youngest students on my first class. The students are between 8-11 years old. Other students that I’m teaching are between 12-15 years old.

We teach from Monday to Thursday at 13-17. So it’s four hours teaching per day. I wish that I could say that that’s it but it really isn’t..┬áTo be a good teacher, you also need to plan. A lot. We usually start our working day after breakfast, which means around 10. I tend to write my diaries first in the morning. We need to write teaching diaries about our school days so in the mornings I always write about the yesterday’s school day. Then I start to plan my lessons. We only have the topics that we need to teach to the students but everything else we make up by ourselves. I think that we can be really creative here! We can show some pictures later what we’ve been doing here with our students.