Not all those who wander are lost

Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

Quotes from my diary

We need to report about our lessons in our “diaries.” We need to write there that what we have done in the lessons, if we have played a game, we need to write what game we played, we need to write what kind of exercises we’ve done there etc. We are writing the diaries of course in english so our coordinators and the teachers who are coming to teach our classes after us can also read that what we have done there and what should teach more.


I have three diaries that I’m writing to. One for every class that I’m teaching.



I think that here the reporting takes more time than in Finland because we can’t report with the computer.




I also write in the diary if I have had some problems with the class. This was when I got 9 new students in my first class and they were much worse than my other students in the class. The new ones didn’t even know the alphabets and my old students can form sentences. After couple days the new kids were moved to another class (Kerttu’s).

Now I have same kind of problems. I got two new students in my second class and they don’t know anything that we are considering. We are almost finishing one topic (On the beach) so I think that it really would be waste of time to start the topic over again just for two students because the other students are already good at it.



I also do wordtests with my students so I can know that when it’s time to move on. I had these wordtests with my classes last week and they did it really good. This week I’m going to have a bigger test about the whole topic.


– Essi