Not all those who wander are lost

Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

Living in Ubud

We are living in homestay in the center of Ubud. All the other volunteers are living also in the same homestay (or in the homestay that is next to our place). Now we have here nine volunteers in our homestay and four in the other homestay. I think that it’s nice that we are all living here because you always have friends here! If you wanna be alone, then you can just go to your own room. We are living in the same room with Kerttu but it’s not a problem. All the volunteers who are living downstairs have own terrace and then we have a nice yard where we can hang out together.

Because this is homestay, here lives also Balinese family. They have so cute almost two years old son! The Balinese family make us breakfast (you can choose between omelette and banana pancake), drive us to school and clean our rooms. I don’t have any photos of our homestay but I can show later.

We don’t have much in our room. We have two beds, wardrobe, chair and toilet where is also a shower. Sometimes you can only get cold water but usually you get two minutes hot water, and it’s sooo hot that you feel like your skin is burning 😀 Then it’s lukewarm.

What I miss here is a kitchen (so I could make food) and air conditioning. When we came here the nights were sometimes even cold but at least for two last weeks the nights have been really hot and I hate to go to sleep when it’s hot and I’m sweating too much!

We have animals also here; birds, dogs, geckos and near in our homestay are also cocks so the mornings are always really noisy here. All the animals + Balinese family wakes up reeeeally early, about 6 am and our walls are like paper so you can hear everything to your room.

Everything in Bali is really cheap compared to Finland. Usually a meal in restaurant is about 3-4 euros (you can also eat cheaper especially if you eat balinese food) and if something costs more than 6 euros we always think that it’s too expensive and wanna find a cheaper place 😀 One of my favorite pastas here costs 1,6 euros. What else about the prices.. One night in cheap hostel is about 5 euros, 1,5L water bottle is 0,3 euros, etc. Everything is reaaally cheap! But that’s just good for our budget as a students 😉

Ubud is cultural center of Bali. Here you can find for example temples, balinese dance shows, paintings and statues, museums and galleries, balinese cooking classes etc. I think it’s good that we live in Ubud instead of for example Kuta. Here is kinda safe and you almost never need to be scared here. This feels like home! And if you get bored in Ubud, it’s always easy to travel to other places. We often do weekend trips to other towns.

I really like this place and I’m so happy that we chose to come here to do our practical training!!