What does it costs to do a practical training in Ubud, Bali ?

I think that the next ones are compulsory costs.

I don’t know if I wanna write this because then I really realize it’s gonna be so much money 😀 But let’s try..

Flights about 870 euros. (We flew from Helsinki to Bangkok, it was 260 euros + flight from Surat Thani (Thailand) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 70 euros + flight from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar 70 euros. When we are leaving, we’ll fly from Denpasar to Singapore (70 euros) and from Singapore to Helsinki 400 euros.) Of course it might be cheaper if you don’t visit Thailand but it really was worth for every cents 😉 And our flight from Helsinki to Bangkok was reaaally cheap!!

Vaccinations: 290 euros. Hepatitis A & B. School paid hepatitis B so we only needed to pay for A. It was 55 euros per vaccination and you need to take two of them. In addition we also took Japanese encephalitis vaccination. It was 90 euros per each vaccination and you need to take two.

Travelling insurance: 90 euros. I tendered out all the insurance companies in Finland and got the cheapest one from Pohjola.

– Visa: 35 euros. Now we just need to extend our visas because our first visa was only for 60 days and now we need 30 days more and it costs 55 euros for us. = 90 euros.

– Program fee 1100 euros. This includes accommodation, breakfast, pick up from airport and drives to school.

So 2440 euros…. 😀 Much money!! But luckily we got a “stipend” from school (about 1000 euros) and of course we get student money and it is also possible to take student loan that is more when studying abroad than studying in Finland (700 euros per month).

Living (food etc.) here is really cheap and if you really want to live cheaply here, you can easily live for 100 000 IDR (about 6 euros) per day! Including lunch and dinner in a restaurant and still you have money to do something else. Today I ate indonesian food for lunch and paid for that 18 000 IDR (1,24 euros) 😉