Not all those who wander are lost

Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

So what is this VP Bali?


I wanted to tell little bit about the organisation that we are teaching in.

VP Bali = Volunteer programs Bali is an international volunteer organisation that provides free English classes for underprivileged children in Bali.
In the organisation there are four different programs; In the Valley, Village, Special needs and the one we’re in that is program Ubud.

In the program Ubud there are two local schools with around 500 children attending to the classes everyday. All of the children first attend their regular Indonesian classes between 7.30-12.30 and after that come to the English classes at Vp Bali in the afternoon. That is why I really appreciate the kids for coming to classes still in the afternoon even though they must be tired after already studied in their normal classes. That also tells a lot about their motivation to learn English, which then also motivate us to teach them the best we can.

In every school program is using the EAL curriculum that have different topics that we need to teach to the students. The teaching methods are pretty informal and we can think of different subjects and teaching methods by ourselves as long they aren’t too hard for them. Usually all of the volunteers are teaching very basic English f.ex words, time, names, depending of the level that the students have in different classes. As long as we remember to keep it creative and fun it is usually enough.

Usually volunteers always teach in pairs but during our stay here there haven’t been enough teachers so we have taught alone. I’d believe that it is much more easier to teach with someone especially if the class is very big but on the other hand I don’t think I would have learned that much about this experience if I wouldn’t have been alone.

Me and Essi with two other teachers and some kids :)

Me and Essi with two other teachers and some kids 🙂

I really think that this organisation is doing a great influence of these children’s lives and I’m very glad to have had this kind of an opportunity to be part of this.

Here is the website so you can check about more details: