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Two rehabilitation counselor students doing an internship at school teaching Balinese children.

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Take me back to Bali..!

When I left abroad, I had no idea how fast four months can go. I remember the day when we had a flight from Thailand to Bali and we were so excited. All I could think was that I AM REALLY GOING BALI NOW. I didn’t have any clue how many new, amazing people I’m going to meet, how wonderful memories I’m really going to make, and how much my English is going to improve. I was just so excited. When our driver picked us up from the airport and gave us the key to our room, it was almost midnight and we didn’t meet any other volunteers, expect the one from our next door who asked us to be more quiet because she was sleeping (I need to admit that we were a bit terrified – you are sleeping, at 11 pm on Saturday night and we just came here and we can’t even talk or laugh… WHERE ARE WE). I was SO happy that I could take all my clothes and everything out of my backpack and I didn’t have to carry it anymore. We really had lots of stuff with us and our friend Rachel always kept saying that our room looks like we would really live there. Yeap, we were at home.

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Compared to Jyväskylä, Ubud was really difficult. Of course. Streets are tight, everyone is driving by their motorbikes, there are restaurants everywhere. Etc. When we were in Bali, I heard quite many young people saying that Ubud is boring. I think that it depends what you have got used to and what do you like. Many people who live in Helsinki, might say that Jyväskylä is boring. I don’t think so. Jyväskylä is not so big, you can walk or cycle almost everywhere and almost every time when you go to town center, you meet someone you know. And that’s what I like. It’s same with Ubud. Maybe this is why it felt so much home to me.


Do I miss Bali? -YES. Did I miss back home when I was there? -Yes. But actually not so much than I thought I would miss. I missed my boyfriend, some friends, hot shower, rye bread, salty liqourice and cheese. And making food. But I really didn’t think about that all the time 😀 I could have been stayed there easily longer. What do I miss about Bali now? ABSOLUTELY THE WEATHER!!!!! When I walked out of Helsinki-Vantaa airport, I really thought that I was going to die for the coldness. And now, when it’s -25 celsius, I really hate this 😀 I also miss the people, beautiful beaches, speaking english, my students, cheap prices,… So many things.




I need to say that the experience that I had, is something that I won’t ever forget. There are not enough words to tell about it – it’s something that you just need to experience by yourself. If someone asks me is it worth to go to do practical training abroad, I’d say absolutely. I feel that it’s shame not to go 😀 I would do it again anytime.

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Back in Finland

Here we are back in a cold or more like freezing Finland. It’s -25C and I have to say it is too cold and makes me miss the sun and even the heat that made us sweaty all the time. It is almost like a different world here.

Freezing, snowy Jyväskylä.

Freezing, snowy Jyväskylä.

Where are all the people and motorbikes, big buildings, rubbish from the streets, cockroaches, stray dogs, palm trees and much much more? It sure takes time to get used to all of these differences. After all this remembering and missing our last months it is still good to be back home. I missed my family and friends very much and it really was time to see them again. Even when here it is so much more quiet and clean everywhere, more rules and everything is very organized compared to Asia, it is still home. It is always nice to come home and every time I remember how lucky I really am to have such a good home country, loving family and of course quality education.

It’s funny when the four months we spend away felt like a long time to be apart from home but at the same time the period went so fast and time really flew. That’s why I want to encourage all the students that are thinking of going exchange and not to be afraid of that “long” period of time away home. I promise that every second is worth experience and it all will be quickly over. I have never heard that someone would have regret that kind of an experience.

I believe that traveling and especially living and working in abroad can really open your eyes and help you to see a bigger picture about life. I wouldn’t change this experience to anything and I highly recommend abroad practical training period to everyone.