Kerttu Korhonen

Back in Finland

Here we are back in a cold or more like freezing Finland. It’s -25C and I have to say it is too cold and makes me miss the sun and even the heat that made us sweaty all the time. It is almost like a different world here. Where are all the people and motorbikes,…

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So what is this VP Bali?

I wanted to tell little bit about the organisation that we are teaching in. VP Bali = Volunteer programs Bali is an international volunteer organisation that provides free English classes for underprivileged children in Bali. In the organisation there are four different programs; In the Valley, Village, Special needs and the one we’re in that…

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My teaching (Kerttu)

I have been teaching now for 6 weeks. It sounds like a lot but still the weeks have gone by so fast. My first week I taught with another volunteer from Germany but after that I was on my own. It took me many weeks before I got the feeling that I can handle it…

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