F U K U   w a   U C H I

I think I'm turning Japanese

Finally in Japan with Internet access

Yahoo~ So, we arrived safely to Fukuoka with Laura one week ago. We didn’t get the Internet access to our rooms before this Tuesday so we did some sightseeing before the classes begun. The semester begun yesterday but I’ve only had two classes so far.

As you may see, we did take the ferry here as planned. The ferry was very comfortable and our cabin with eight beds ended up having only two other people besides us staying there. The ferry had an awesome hot spring bath with a great view over the sea. You could really relax there while travelling. I really recommend this way of getting yourself from Osaka to Fukuoka!

My room here in Fukuoka is super cute and the whole International House is awesome. The room has its own restroom, sink and a fridge but you need to use the common kitchen and showers.

During the orientation on the 6th we had a Japanese language proficiency test as well. The test took almost three hours and it included listening, grammar, vocabulary, kanji and essay parts. We had to take the test so they’d know in which Japanese language class we would be assigned for. I was assigned for advanced level and was actually quite scared of it but as I joined the class yesterday, it seems like we’re all about the same level in speaking and listening. I don’t know about other students kanji knowledge but I think I’m one of the weakest ones in that area. I’m actually going to join the intermediate Japanese kanji lessons few times a week besides my advanced course so I can make the most out of learning kanji here. It’s going to be hard work but I’ll do my best!

So far everything’s been great here and I love how kind everyone is. It feels so comfortable here and I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my last visit to Japan. This is the first time I’ve ever visited this city and it already feels like home. I love Seinan Gakuin and Fukuoka!