F U K U   w a   U C H I

I think I'm turning Japanese

Winter time in Fukuoka

I’m watching as the huge snow flakes fall on my balcony. I didn’t think I’d witness snow in Fukuoka since it’s been so sunny and actually quite warm for the past three weeks since I arrived here. I’m happy to see snow covered mountains from my window though – the mountains always look the most beautiful when they’re covered with snow.

The lessons have begun for real at Seinan Gakuin and a few days ago we had to make our final decisions on which courses we’d like to take. I did some changes on my original plan and I decided to take the following courses: Advanced Japanese, Intermediate Japanese (only the kanji part), Japanese Psychology and Society, Japanese Performing Arts, Calligraphy, Introduction to Japanese Cinema, Natural World of Japan and Jūdō. The Cinema course hasn’t started yet but I’m hoping it will be interesting. All of the other courses seem to be quite interesting for me, so even if I didn’t actually have to take this many courses I’m still going to go with them.

The language courses are quite intensive and I’m having a kanji test almost every day. But kanji are the main reason I’m taking not only the Advanced Japanese but also the Intermediate Japanese – I really want to learn more of them! And I have. For the past week I’ve been coming home straight from school and done basically nothing else than studying kanji. It’s a hard work but it’s so rewarding to notice you can read something new every day. I’m becoming addicted to kanji.

For the weekdays I’m studying hard, but on the weekends it’s time to relax a bit. I’ve made some amazing friends here and we’ve been having a great time together. Our weekends have been consisting of izakaya, karaoke, ice cream challenge, and a manga convention, to name a few. In a little over a week we’ll begin our Spring break and we’ll be heading to Busan in South Korea for five days. Busan is easily accessible from Fukuoka and it’s only a three hours ferry ride away. Can’t wait for all the spicy food and inexpensive clothing and cosmetics! It’s been quite expensive living here in Japan because of the strong yen and weak euro, so it feels good to go somewhere cheaper for awhile. ^^;