F U K U   w a   U C H I

I think I'm turning Japanese

Halfway there

Wow, it’s already the halfway of the semester. When did this happen? Time flies by so fast here it’s a bit sad. Every day there’s so much to do. I have kanji tests almost every day so when I come back to my room from school I have to study. And then it’s time to sleep again. And then it’s the next morning. I’ve been super busy during the weekends as well – we always have some fun things to do. I wish the time would slow down a bit… I still have many things I want to do and experience before returning to Finland.

My friend from Ajou University, Anouk, came to Fukuoka last month for her internship. Few weeks ago we did a road trip to Itoshima near Fukuoka. Itoshima is famous for it’s oysters and they were delicious indeed. We also saw the married rocks (pick above).

It’s Spring time in Fukuoka. Last weekend we went to Maizuru park in Fukuoka to see plum blossoms. They’re so beautiful!

In few weeks the cherry blossoms should be blooming as well. Looking forward to that!