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Sunny Monday

It was quite rainy here for the past weeks but now it’s nice and sunny. The wind is still cold as it blows from the North. I wonder when the wind is going to change its direction…

They say it’s been colder than average this winter in Fukuoka. Because of the cold weather the cherry blossoms are opening late. They’re supposed to open here this week and the best time of viewing should be one week later. Can’t wait to see those beautiful flowers in full bloom!

Actually I’ve already seen some cherry blossoms here. There are many different species of cherry trees so some of them have already opened. The most common species is yet to be open so everyone’s waiting for it to see a lot of them at the same time. It’s common to have a hanami (flower viewing) party under the cherry trees when they’re at their full bloom.

It feels weird that the flowers are blooming and the oranges and lemons are at their best season here. It’s still cold, why aren’t they freezing? It’s weird how the temperature feels so cold even though it’s been around +10 degrees celsius these days. It has to bee the wind. If you’re coming here for Spring semester, don’t forget to bring your jacket. It’s going to be cold for the most of the time you’re staying here. Luckily I didn’t do the same mistake as I did last year when I went to Korea (I was freezing without winter jacket for two months…).

Few weeks ago I went to Nagasaki to be a part of a tourism research. For two days we travelled by bus, tram and taxi to various tourism destinations inside the city and checked if it was easy for a foreigner to travel there without getting lost or confused. We also asked other foreigners about their experiences and made a report out of it. It was quite a nice and educational trip.

We just had our mid term exams for Japanese language and Japanese Cinema courses. For other courses we only have the final exam or final paper. For Japanese we had to write an essay about unusual laws in our home countries and make a presentation out of it as well. We also had to make a speech and take a written exam. I was so exhausted after the exams. The Japanese language studies are taking most of my energy here, but I can say I’ve learned a lot of advanced level vocabulary that I thought I’d never be able to memorize. I can’t say for other Japanese courses, but the Advanced Japanese course is very good and you’ll get a lot out of it if you take it seriously. And you have to take it seriously here.


Posted 15.4.2012 at 17:18

Hi, I like your Fukuoka Blog. Put more cherry blossom photos if you can. Thanks. Bruno

Lotta Watia
Posted 16.4.2012 at 11:17

Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I’ll make a cherry blossom post soon. ^^