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All good things come to an end

The amazing semester at Seinan Gakuin University has come to an end. The semester officially ended on the 18th of May but I stayed in Japan until the 27th for my bachelor’s thesis. I conducted a tour for a group from Finland in Kyoto and now I’m spending my days writing the thesis. The trip […]

A holiday in paradise

In April me and my two Chinese and two Taiwanese friends travelled to the tropical island of Okinawa. It has been my dream for years to travel there, and now that I was already in the Southern Japan it would be easier and cheaper to access there than it was before from Kyoto or Tokyo. […]

Sakura ~ Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossom season in Japan is the best time of the year. Japanese people love these light pink and white flowers because it symbols the perishness of life. These flowers bloom only for one week in the Spring, and the Japanese love doing picnic, or watching the flowers (hanami) as they say, under the […]

Sunny Monday

It was quite rainy here for the past weeks but now it’s nice and sunny. The wind is still cold as it blows from the North. I wonder when the wind is going to change its direction… They say it’s been colder than average this winter in Fukuoka. Because of the cold weather the cherry […]

Halfway there

Wow, it’s already the halfway of the semester. When did this happen? Time flies by so fast here it’s a bit sad. Every day there’s so much to do. I have kanji tests almost every day so when I come back to my room from school I have to study. And then it’s time to […]

Spring Break

It’s been only one month since I begun my studies here and it’s already Spring Break. Or actually the Spring Break is already over and school begins again on Monday. Whoops, how did that happen? My Spring Break didn’t begin that well. I got a serious influenza virus and was laying in my bed for […]

Winter time in Fukuoka

I’m watching as the huge snow flakes fall on my balcony. I didn’t think I’d witness snow in Fukuoka since it’s been so sunny and actually quite warm for the past three weeks since I arrived here. I’m happy to see snow covered mountains from my window though – the mountains always look the most […]

Finally in Japan with Internet access

Yahoo~ So, we arrived safely to Fukuoka with Laura one week ago. We didn’t get the Internet access to our rooms before this Tuesday so we did some sightseeing before the classes begun. The semester begun yesterday but I’ve only had two classes so far. As you may see, we did take the ferry here […]

Heihei Finland, ようこそ Japan

I’m leaving to Japan tomorrow. I already did my online check-in so now I’ll only have to navigate myself to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and leave my luggage at the baggage drop counter there. I’m going to take a bus from Jyväskylä to Helsinki-Vantaa airport via Lahti. The bus will leave at 11am tomorrow and arrive to […]

Ready to go

Last Friday I went to Helsinki to collect my Japanese visa. Yes – I finally have my visa to enter Japan! There was again some delay with my Certificate of Eligibility arriving from Japan and it somehow got stuck in the bureaucracy of Finnish customs. I have no idea what the problem was and I […]