Winter break

Hello again,

During my exchange study at Seinan Gakuin we had a winter break of about 3 weeks. During this time, a lot of the students living in the I-house went back home or on longer travels to other places in Japan or elsewhere in Asia. I stayed in the I-house for the first part of the break and eating traditional Japanese Christmas dinner of fried chicken from KFC and strawberry cake with few friends. During the week between Christmas and the New Year the I-house fell almost dead silent as there were only couple of people besides me living there at that time. When New Year’s Eve came around some of the people came back for few days. We celebrated the New Years in a traditional Japanese way of eating soba noodles, watching Japanese TV shows like the singing contest between the red and the white teams and after midnight visited a shire.

The next week I went on a short trip to Kagoshima with couple of my friends. We left Fukuoka by a bus at around 9:00 AM and arrived at Kagoshima at 2 PM. The bust took longer than it would have taken by train but the train would also have costed double and so we decide on the bus to save up some money. After arriving to Kagoshima, we first checked into our hotel to leave our luggage there and then we went off to explore a bit of the city’s waterfront. From here we took a ferry to the Sakurajima volcano island that is in the middle of the Kagoshima bay. We spent our first day here by taking a tourist bus ride around one part of the island and then by visiting one of the many onsens that the island has. The next day we left the hotel early to wander the city’s center. We walked past parks and busy shopping streets, stopped at a ramen shop for brunch and visited a local second-hand book store. After this our time in Kagoshima came to an end and we again took the bus back to Fukuoka. We spent two days in Kagoshima and this was enough to see the city center and visit Sakurajima island but I think the city has a lot more to offer and I would encourage people to visit Kagoshima if they get a chance.


Well that is again all I have to say,

  • Aapo