Week 42, Long days at school and Great steaks

Our First week of online school is behind us and I have to say “hitto mikä työmaa” (oh shit what a worksite). Our days have sometimes started at 07:30 and ended at 2030.
So in other words first week has been quite challenging. As in previous posts mentioned the system here is quite outdated. In JAMK we have this site Called Optima and even
I think that is little outdated it is still way better than Moodle here. Teachers will not use Moodle’s calendar feature and they are only posting important days to some random PDF file which is conveniently located in weird folder in workspace and you really have to find where it is. Maybe it’s because we are exchange students, or it is just way it is.

In my opinion all courses that we selected; Industrial communications, Power Electronics, Automation Systems, Microprocessor Technology, Production Management, German history and culture and Mechatronical project. The Mechatronical project course is the most interesting! My group has assignment to design sensors to Electric Formula Car which logs all Forces applied to chassis. We had little chaos with our teachers because I forgot to fill this form where I tell my skills and interests to assign me to group, so I had to sort it out with E-mail. But after all we found me interesting group where I can learn lots of interesting and new things.

We also celebrated Olli’s Birthday in this Road to 66 Steak restaurant where we went with Mexican Exchange students. Previous Finnish exchange students recommended this place so of course we had to try it. It had really great Steaks and food was affordable. I took 300g steak cooked to medium together with fries and German beer and it was awesome.
This place Definitely deserves Quality stamp “Gut und Günstig”. We also found this great nearby pub where we have gone to relax after long days of School.

museum with the bois
Huge Mammoth and The Jungs
Construction Worker and supervisor
Local construction worker (right) and his Site Foreman (left)

Today Sunday we went to Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart it is museum about natural history and had lots of fossils and information about ice age, stone age etc. It also showed us what was it like in German state Baden-Wurttemberg long time ago and it only costed 3€. There were lots of interesting Fossils and real sized replicas of animals from millions of years ago.  If you would like to visit the museum, I Recommend you to only go to the larger museum next to Nordbanhof it is all about history and there is lot to learn from mineral amber to T-rex. Second museum where you can get with dual ticket what is 5€ there is only currently living animals, and I did not find it so interesting. Unfortunately, neither of museums had no English info available so I think we did not get all from this museum. Maybe after we have finished our German lectures, we give the museum second shot. After museum we went to Georgian restaurant called “Chito & Gvirito” and tried really delicious Georgian cuisine, it definitely deserves reduced quality stamp “Gut und nicht Günstig” cause restaurant weren’t so cheap. Okay food and drinks were 30€ per person… So not so bad if you compare it to Finnish restaurants…

Georgian Cusine
Georgian food

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  1. School is same like us in 80’s school start 8 and end 16-20 depend on day. After that were home works for next day