Week 43, Time flies

Hello to everyone!

One month here in Germany goes really fast. This week especially went past in the blink of an eye. Our studies continued and now we have a little more information about what we have to do to pass all the courses. To me that brings a bit more confidence but on the other hand the everyday life did hit hard. Long days sitting on the computer takes some nerves to concentrate. Man has to have something to balance the situation.

At least attending the early morning classes is easy. Just wake up, make some breakfast and sit down. No need to go anywhere. Sometimes I still take a walk outside before school pretending to walk there. It helps to clear Ones mind.

I am happy to have cool flatmates here. They are very cooperative and friendly. One comes from China one from Mexico and one from Pakistan. We had a thrilling moment yesterday when we saw a huge spider crawling on the ceiling. We managed to catch it in to a pickle jar. I tried to identify the specie and ended up that it was probably a wolf spider. They don´t kill humans but it hurts if it bites.

Wolf spider

We also discovered a gym with Alvaro (the Mexican) and I actually joined it. It is a perfect and also wanted counterweight to this situation. I tried not to put too much weight to the bar at first time but I guess its impossible. Now my whole body is in pain but it feels good.

My gym buddy Alvaro

Yesterday (Saturday) we did a trip with Alvaro and Lari to one castle again. The trip took almost the whole day. We had to take two busses and two trains to get there. The views from the top were stunning. All trees where shining red and yellow color spectrum and it was beautiful. I recommend to visit German forests in autumn. The trees here are overall bigger than in Finland and they make you feel small next to them.