Week 44, Karelia pies

Hello again

Now there are a few weeks gone by regular studies, all the courses have started so there has been quite a lot of work. There is little else to add, but I want to point out that sometimes we have gathered all as a group to follow lecture, cause these times you have to have some real social contacts or else at least I would be mad. So when the circle is small everything is fine.(We all live in the same building.)

On Monday we decided to climb to a hill near Göppingen (Hohenstaufen) to look at the castle ruins. The trip started with bicycles and the first part of the trip went quite nicely, after that we had to push our bikes to the top, because such a steep ascent was the last stage to the top of the hill. The altitude at the top was 684m above sea level. The landscapes were worth climbing up. The downhill we rode with our bikes, which was quite exciting considering that except Pekka’s bike, every else were in the price range of 50e and the brakes were in line with that. As you know, such blacksmiths as we are, we managed to survive that downhill part. Olli’s bike was the only one whose rear brake overheated.


Near Göppingen is a lot of different things to do, man can go to bouldering as we did. It is always so fun, and still it’s good exercise.


A small-scale traditional food, dinner, was held on Saturday between exchange students. Idea simple, everyone brought something traditional food which was then eaten together. Of course, when you are from Finland, the choice was clear, Karelian pies & egg butter. We started making pies with the boys and it was nice. It was a long time since I made Karelia pies last time, but I would say we did well, because the pies received praises. Salmiakki did not receive favor of the international test crew. It tasted too weird for many.


Overall, the week was good, and it was so nice to taste authentic food of different cultures. Most of the foods had simple ingredients, yet there was so much flavors and different aspects.