Week 45 – More or less routine week


another week has passed. School work has been demanding and this weekend we spent mostly writing program for microprocessor lab. During this week I also got chance visit at university here in Göppingen campus to get some instructions for my mechatronics project, in which i will be working as a team among four other students. This project seems to be really interesting and I cant wait to get started with it. Basic idea is to create autopilot hardware and software for school’s electric formula car. The goal is to make the car go through race track autonomously and as fast as possible.  At the university we were introduced to some optional cameras that we could use. Cool thing was that this project is not limited by money, so if we need something we can have it. As the professor said: “Money is not the problem, time is.” Now during this week we need to make plans what kind of system we are going to build and start making the software and simulation environment.

More info about university’s formula team can be found here: https://www.estallesslingen.de/

I will also keep you updated on the project in my posts since this is likely the most interesting thing in here… for me at least, hopefully entertaining for you too dear reader.

This is the plan to get going with the project, basically first simulation and software and then the actual hardware and cameras.

Today, Sunday we did go to see some castle. Unfortunately we went there little bit too late and did not realize how dark it got already and coming back home was quite an adventure. Here is some pictures from there.


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