Week 46, Trip to home

As the Germany’s government implemented COVID-19 actions, example full Lockdown. Me and Lari decided that now would-be perfect time to visit Finland to see friend’s family and girlfriends. We flew at Friday 13st to Amsterdam and from there to Finland. At the airport there were free COVID-19 testing, but we had to do testing at Jyväskylä cause our Flight was little bit late and we had to rush to the bus to Jyväskylä. After long day of traveling to Jyväskylä by bus, train and two flights we finally arrived at 4.20 local time. Next day we contacted Health authorities and booked corona tests. In Finland border security advised us to be in voluntary quarantine until we had two negative tests. we Covid-19 test was unpleasant cause they will stick this stick deep into your nose, but it was not so bad than I expected. After negative COVID tests I resumed my life in Finland as normally.

Our Flight at Stuttgart airport

On Tuesday I visited Jyväskylä engineer student union (JIO Ry) autumn meeting to vote for next members of JIO Ry and discuss about important student matters. It was really nice to see old friends after 2 months of being in Germany. Also, it was quite weird to be again in Finland because I didn’t have to use my really bad German everywhere and I could just use Finnish. Our school resumed as normal in online although two of my classes were cancelled. One because technical difficulties and other because our teacher had other things to do. I also almost lost all hope to my Mechatronical project where my task is to calculate error margin to strain gauges. Otherwise, school week was same as it would be in Germany because everything is unfortunately in online…

We will fly next week back to Germany with Lari and currently it looks we could go back without quarantine, but things are changing so fast that we can’t know for certain what will happen upon arriving to Stuttgart airport. Situation is worsening in Germany and in the news, there is gossip about more stricter rules. If it happens, I might come back to Finland till the exams and internship because there is not much to do in Germany right now and even less if heavier restrictions will apply.

I hope the situation would normalize and we could go forward with the trip in Europe we planned with other international students. It would be fun to travel with large international group in Germany and other States of EU. Right now, the trip does not seem to be possible cause every country has different corona regulations and number of infections are rising at dangerous phase.

Celebrating ending of quarantine.