Week 47, Hot Pot

Another week passed and things are going forward. Days here go fast and that has pros and cons. All the places are closed, so we do not have many ways to spend our “free time”. We spend our time studying and meeting with our international friends at the dorms. This week I had many eye-opening conversations with other foreign students. I even was invited to have Chinese food. The traditional Chinese dinner is called “Hot Pot”. For those who do not know what Hot Pot is, there is literally a constantly boiling pot and various kinds of thin sliced raw meat and vegetables is being thrown into that pot and cooked straight away. The soup is very spicy, and all the ingredients are soaking the spicy liquid. As a Finnish guy, I for sure knew next morning that I ate something different. Nice experience anyways!

I actually used chopsticks pretty well 😀


Hot pot in the middle


There is only one month until Christmas and that we have not much time to find the internship. I was lucky to get a contact already. This week I called to my contact and discussed about the opportunities to do the internship next spring semester. Nothing is confirmed yet, but I am hopeful. The internship has to be hundred days long. Before we can fully turn our minds into any internships, we still have lots of work to do with our current courses. (36ECTS)

Since there is not much to do in Göppingen, I did a trip to München. I visited my relatives there and did a quick check around the city center. München is a big city but it was quite odd to walk along the main streets. There was nothing there. Very few people outside, all the restaurants closed and police watching that everyone is using the face mask. I did not want to take risk and refuse to wear it. There is a chance that they give you huge fines.

Odeonsplatz, München

All in all, I think that the situation in the world is quite stable for now. The corona cases are rising normally, and people are getting used to this chaos. In a way it´s sad but on the other hand it is the reality for now and it doesn´t get better if we start complaining about everything. Stay strong friends and try to find some positive sides from your lives. Pray for happier days, love the people around you and you will manage!

Neues Rathaus, München