Week 48, Autumn and outlet

This week, the weather has been great. I have a habit to go every morning for a small walk. That helps me to get ready and concentrate to study. At the morning temperature is near zero so man must put some more clothes on than regular jacket and t shirt. During the day sun starts to warm again and temperature can rise somewhere near +10 degrees Celsius. Especially for someone who has lived his whole life in Finland, this autumn weather has been super. There has not been much rains and its so much warmer. You get to admire the nice colours of autumn without freezing or constant rains. Also, the longer daylight time itself helps me to feel more energetic.

The week has been normal. I have tried to enjoy the daylight time as much as possible, mostly jogging. When it comes to schoolwork, there is not too much of it but there is every week many assignments to finish. Must sacrifice some weekends for it, but its usual for us, students. We have had some problems with internet lately and its very frustrating. In this kind of remote studying situation its hard enough to find motivation to study. And if the systems don’t work then one have serious troubles to find motivation.

Saturday, I went with few other exchange students to Metzingen outlet city. Its like a small city full of quality brand outlet stores. More than 100 international premium and luxury brands are currently presented. I just wanted to go check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed. It looked like a Disneyland with stores because everyone had to wait in line to get to store. This was due to corona restrictions. They even had a Ferris wheel in the middle of the “city”.

There was also this market square which was not part of the outlet city shopping hell.

Now its less than 1 month to winter break. Before that we have two exams already. German language course and “history and culture” course both, before Christmas. I think its good, so that we don’t have that much subjects to spring when all the other exams take place.